The Sound Insulation Properties of AAC Blocks

Autoclaved aerated concrete or AAC blocks are produced from a blend of calcined clay, natural stones, cement and water. These blocks can help resolve issues with thermal conductivity, air leakage, sound insulation and thermal mass. This article focuses on the sound insulation properties of AAC blocks and will offer an overview of the various features existing in its construction.

Sound Insulation Properties of AAC Blocks
Sound Insulation Properties of AAC Blocks


AAC block is an innovative product that gives good strength to buildings. It has many advantages over other ordinary bricks such as reduced joint areas between bricks in walls, lesser mortar consumption compared to conventional masonry units, lower usage of steel reinforcement in construction projects as well as fewer cement requirements for fixing joints between different courses or levels within buildings due to its low bulk density.

One cubic meter of AAC can replace up to eight standard bricks or four clay bricks with no reduction in structural integrity!

How AAC blocks can help in sound insulation?

AAC blocks are a high-quality building material that offers a unique combination of strength, low weight, thermal insulation, sound absorption, unmatched fire and thermal resistance. As a result, the forces and various special insulation features of AAC blocks build the wall is more ductile and help limit excessive noise from the outside environment.

As home builders, we understand that your privacy is always a high priority. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to live their life without nosy neighbours or strangers peering into their windows? That’s why we use AAC blocks in our structures.

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AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) blocks are the lightest building material on the market—they’re literally 80% air! To make them, we mix lime, cement, fly-ash, and an aluminium powder reaction agent to create millions of tiny air cells that give the blocks a solid, honeycomb-like structure. The AAC blocks are then exposed to high-pressure steam in autoclaves, which strengthens them substantially.

We believe that these best-in-class building materials are the perfect solution for creating a safe and private space for you and your family.

AAC blocks have superior sound insulation features to other building blocks of the same size and thickness. The light and porous structure of these blocks provide strong soundproofing. For this reason, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are in demand in the construction industry. In addition, the air pockets present in the AAC blocks are closed which helps prevent the noise from moving through the walls.

If you are looking for walls that can muffle the noise of your neighbours, then AAC blocks are your best option. This is because of their excellent sound insulation properties. These blocks can be used to construct schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and other structures where a certain degree of acoustic isolation is required.

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Noise pollution is a major concern in this day and age, especially in crowded towns and urban areas. Luckily, there is a solution: AAC blocks. AAC blocks are number one in the construction material category as they offer superior workability, durability, strength and sound insulation properties. They reduce noise pollution to give you a peaceful and tranquil living environment.

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