Why AAC Blocks Are Perfect for The Monsoon Season?

The monsoon season is considered to be an important time for farmers, who make up the backbone of our country’s economy. The monsoon rains, however, can be a challenge for all builders and homeowners. As a builder, you must meet specific deadlines for each task.

While it may seem appealing to work in spite of the rain, it is not a good idea to do so if you want your project to be successful. Sometimes, you may have to stop working on a project while you wait for the weather to improve. Rainfall is one such circumstance, as rainy weather may cause delays to concrete and cement work. Rain can affect the quality of concrete.

How the monsoon season affects cement and concrete

You probably know that water is an important ingredient in the making of concrete. Engineers use a lot of effort to make sure that water and cement are mixed in the right proportions for strong, durable structures.

When heavy rains fall during the monsoon season, they can cause problems in cementing, especially when it comes to the strength of the concrete mix. You need the right amount of each ingredient: cement, aggregates, and water, or else your concrete will not harden correctly.

Research has shown that if water were suddenly introduced to the mixture, the concrete would weaken and crumble. For this reason, it is essential for you to protect all the ingredients used in making concrete and also the concrete mix as it hardens.

Rain may cause the water-cement ratio in a concrete mix to change. This ratio change can cause the concrete to be easily poured but will damage its strength and durability. A mix like this will cause future problems. It will be prone to cracks and can destroy all the effort you’ve put into making a perfect mix and building a strong building.

If your concrete surface experiences rain, it can suffer from scaling. Scaling is a phenomenon in which the surface of your concrete becomes flaky, despite not being visible easily. This may cause your concrete to break or crumble when you try to use it or store heavy products on it. In order to increase the longevity of your concrete’s strength, preventing scaling is essential.

Water-resistant AAC blocks are perfect for the monsoon season

Are you looking to build a house that’s more resistant to moisture penetration? Then AAC is the right choice for you.

AAC, or aerated autoclaved concrete, is a type of precast foam concrete building material that’s used for both internal and external walls. AAC has many advantages over traditional clay bricks: it’s stronger, more fire-resistant, and easier to install. But what really sets AAC apart from other building materials is its resistance to moisture penetration.

AAC products are cellular and discontinuous in structure, making them superior to the normal clay brick in terms of water resistance. This means that the exterior of your wall will be less likely to let moisture in, which can be a major issue if you live somewhere humid or rainy!

AAC blocks have a dense, uniform structure with lots of “macropores” that are evenly distributed and not interconnected. That means they absorb less water than other building materials, which makes them ideal for humid environments. Thus, AAC blocks are perfect for monsoon season.

AAC material is a popular choice for construction projects because of its high workability and flexibility. It’s used in the construction of residential buildings, healthcare facilities, schools, hotels, and many other industrial/commercial structures.


Since the beginning of time, people have been building things. And they’ve always used bricks. But times are changing. While red bricks may still be important in smaller projects, AAC blocks provide greater benefits when it comes to large-scale residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

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