6 Reasons How AAC Blocks Can Reduce Construction Costs


Autoclaved aerated concrete or AAC blocks are lightweight, precast, foam concrete building materials that can be used for making blocks. The very first benefit of using these blocks is that they are eco-friendly and certified green building materials. With the increasing awareness among people towards saving the environment, these reusable types of material become highly demanded.

When investing in a project, whether it is a new construction or renovation project, most people wonder what they should be investing in. There are a lot of questions that arise during such projects, especially when it comes to renovation and construction.

AAC blocks have gained widespread popularity in the construction industry due to the many attractive features such as high strength, excellent moisture resistance and durability that these blocks offer. These benefits make AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks an ideal choice for a variety of commercial and residential projects.

How AAC blocks can reduce construction costs?:

1. Savings on Steel and Concrete

AAC blocks provide up to 20% greater reinforcement compared to conventional clay bricks, because they are lighter and reduce the dead load on the structure. This reduces the need for steel reinforcement, which saves money and time on construction projects.

2. Low Mortar Consumption

When you use AAC blocks to construct buildings, the overall mortar usage is significantly lower than when using traditional clay bricks. This is because AAC blocks are bigger than traditional clay bricks, so there are fewer joints overall. Also, the use of mortar decreases by approximately 60%.

3. Reduced Plaster Consumption

AAC blocks are known to be accurate in size and shape, unlike traditional clay bricks. This accuracy results in lower plaster usage, as well as lower costs. As a result, a thin layer of plaster is sufficient to build a wall using AAC blocks. Additionally, plastering cost savings can be approximately 35-40%.

4. Low Construction Time

AAC blocks are super simple to use and speed up construction projects, so you’ll save time and money.  AAC blocks offer multiple times faster construction than conventional clay bricks because they are much bigger. You only need to lay one-third of the number of joints compared to clay bricks, which means your project will get done much more quickly and with far less work. Plus, AAC blocks are pre-cut in accurate dimensions and don’t require curing, so your project can be finished up to 30% faster.

5. Reduced Labor Cost

The construction process is a lengthy one, and one of the most important parts of it is labour working hours. If you’re looking for a way to speed up your work, AAC blocks are the perfect solution. Their large size means that they can be laid with one-third of the number of joints required by other blocks, and their accurate dimensions mean that they require no curing after laying. Overall, using AAC blocks instead of other options will save you 40% in time costs. You can use that extra time to focus on the details that make your project truly special!

6. Low Transportation Cost

The lightweight structure of AAC blocks helps reduce transportation costs by a significant margin. This is because the product’s overall weight greatly determines the on-road costing and the AAC blocks being lighter than traditional clay bricks are much cheaper to transport, thereby saving the cost of transportation.


AAC blocks have distinct advantages that make them suitable for various applications and construction projects. The manufacturing process, the outstanding features, and the overall cost of AAC blocks have made the product preferable among users all through the years. The greatest strength of these blocks lies in the reduced cost of material and labour and hence, they provide huge financial benefits to users who are on a stringent budget. NXTbloc is considered among the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of AAC blocks in India. With an excellent reputation for high-performance durability, long life and reliability, NXTbloc’s AAC blocks are used to create a wide range of structures, including residences, commercial buildings, factories and warehouses.

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