What is the Fire Resistance Property of AAC Blocks?

AAC blocks are known as safe building materials with excellent fire resistance, which saves energy and resource. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) has been around since 1924 when it was first discovered by a Swedish engineer. Today, this building material is widely used in Europe and is quickly becoming popular in other parts of the world.

Aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC) blocks are an eco-friendly material that offers a unique amalgamation of strength, low weight, thermal insulation, sound absorption and exceptional fire and thermal resistance.

AAC blocks are an eco-friendly building material that is composed of sand and fly ash, cement, lime, and an aeration agent. These blocks are formed by tiny non-connecting air bubbles in the sand or fly ash which gives them a variety of properties. They are known as natural and non-combustible building materials that have excellent fire resistance, save energy and are eco-friendly in nature.

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AAC blocks are durable and made to last. They offer the perfect combination of strength, fire resistance, durability, and elegance. Because they are made of minerals, AAC blocks are non-combustible and can be used in any kind of construction. In contrast to other construction materials, AAC blocks are fire-resistant up to 1200℃.

So what makes these blocks different from others? How fire resistant is AAC block?

Let’s take a look at some fire resistance properties of AAC blocks:

  • AAC blocks are a key part of fire safety in high-rise buildings. While constructing the inner walls, the outer walls should also be erected with AAC blocks. These blocks are designed to absorb and deflect heat from a fire, thereby reducing the amount of damage and loss of life that could occur if there was a fire in an apartment building.
  • The use of AAC blocks helps to prevent the spread of fire to other rooms, in case of a fire breakout. They also have a low thermal conductivity, which means that they don’t transfer heat easily. As a result, they’ll help in keeping your office or residence cool in summer and warm in winter.
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  • When exposed to fire, toxic gases and vapours are not emitted from AAC blocks and thus, save precious lives. These blocks are specifically designed for use in homes and businesses, so you can be sure that your family will be safe when the fire resistance alarm sounds.
  • Fire is a common occurrence in many locations. A fire can spread quickly and cause a lot of damage to both people and property. In addition to blocking flames, AAC blocks can also be used as a firewall to prevent fire from spreading, thereby protecting lives and economic assets. For instance, a firewall may last up to four hours. Test results show that AAC blocks with 150 mm thickness can provide fire resistance for at least six hours. The thicker the AAC blocks, the longer they’ll last before failing.
  • AAC blocks are ideal for areas where fire safety is a top priority, such as hospitality and healthcare establishments, educational institutions, and residential and commercial complexes. With their high-heat resistance and moisture resistance properties, these blocks will make sure your facility is protected from any fire or other emergency situations that may arise.


The fire resistance properties of AAC blocks make them a great choice for places where people live or work. AAC blocks are also safer than wood or concrete because they don’t splinter or crack under extreme heat. They’re also easy to install, making them a great option for new construction projects that need to be completed quickly.

Featuring innovative, flexible design options and manufactured from a variety of high-performance materials, AAC Blocks help to provide fire resistance in multifamily dwellings. The low-profile design helps to protect your property from the risk of fire and damage, while also helping to keep your home safe from the effects of smoke and heat.

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About NXTBloc’s AAC Blocks 

BigBloc Construction Limited is one of the top manufacturers of aerated autoclave concrete bricks and building blocks and aerated autoclave concrete bricks. All of our products are manufactured in a highly advanced factory, guaranteeing superior quality AAC blocks with uniform shapes and making them user-friendly and easy to handle. NXTBloc AAC blocks are certified green building materials, making them suitable for any construction need.

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