Green Building NXTBLOC, Aerated autoclaved concrete

Green Building

Sustainable Construction

With increased awareness worldwide to the concept of 'Green Building', builders, architects and engineers are working towards constructing buildings that are designed in such a way that it can reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by:

  • Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources.
  • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

Mentioned below are the Seven Criteria's to Qualify for a Leed Certification :

  • Implement Erosion & Sedimentation Control to reduce negative effects on water and air quality.
  • Ensure fundamental building elements and systems are designed , installed and calibrated to operate as intended.
  • Establish the minimum level of energy efficiency for the proposed building and systems.
  • Employ Chloro Fluoro carbon Reduction in HVAC & R Equipment to reduce ozone depletion.
  • Facilitate the reduction of waste generated by building occupants and disposed of in landfills by ensuring storing and collection of recyclables.
  • Establish minimum indoor air quality (IAQ) performance to prevent indoor air quality problems in the building , thus contributing to the comfort and well-being of the occupants.
  • Minimize exposure of building occupants , indoor surfaces and ventilation air distribution system to Environmental Tobacco Smoke ( ETS )