What Are the Different Sectors AAC Blocks Can Be Used In?

AAC also known as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks are a product that has been on the rise in the construction industry for a number of different reasons. If you also want to know what are the different sectors AAC blocks can be used in, don’t skip this blog post.

AAC block is one of the most popular products that builders and buyers use when they are building, renovating or developing any sort of property. The combination of low weight, high strength and sheer quality make this product relevant across many industries, but particularly so in residential properties.

The following are the different types of sectors in which AAC blocks can be used:

Hospitality Sector

If you are looking for a product that provides the best results and will help you in the construction of hotels, motels and restaurants? We would suggest you go for AAC Block products. This is because it is one of the best material solutions that are produced under the combined effort of ceramic and building materials technology. The fire and earthquake resistance ensure security to the guests and employees, this gives them a relaxing journey with peace of mind. The quality like pest resistance, soundproof, non-toxic, thermal insulation and moisture resistance makes it a very comfortable and home-like feeling for the guest.


Hospitals are very sensitive places. One needs to be very conscious about the safety and hygiene of the patients, their attendants, and the premises. AAC Blocks (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks) are very perfect for this as it is fire, earthquake, pest resistant. It is non-toxic, soundproof, has thermal insulation, moisture resistance which makes the hospitals comfortable for the patients and the attendants. While construction, it is a long-lasting and cost-effective product that has perfect shape and size. High resistance to water penetration and environmentally friendly characteristic is easy for maintenance. NXTBloc’s AAC blocks have been tested by certified labs all over India and found to be absolutely safe if handled in a proper way.

Schools & Educational Institutes

We all know that schools are places to be very careful about. They should be fire, pest, and earthquake resistant. They should be non-toxic, moisture free and thermally insulated. While construction one also wants it to be cost-effective, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and high resistant to water penetration. Here come the qualities of AAC products that fulfil the all above-mentioned features and that is why they are considered for school construction.

Auditorium & Theatres

These days, theatre constructions are in high demand. Theatre is expected to provide an excellent stage experience and ambience that can be addictive. Whether you want to construct a small-scale auditorium or a massive one, proper planning and choices of the right materials are essential. Here again, come the excellent features of AAC products that fulfil all requirements.


Offices are considered as a second home for the employees and hence it should be made strong, comfortable, moisture free and cost-effective. AAC is the answer to all these problems. AAC is available in various forms such as panels, blocks, etc. AAC provides a breathable and maintenance-free environment without any water penetration. It also provides thermal insulation which makes it energy efficient as well as saves money on energy bills.

Markets and Shopping Malls

Malls and markets are places meant for huge gatherings. People are constantly coming and going. These places need to be attractive, ambient and strong as closely. It’s best to choose a material that’s sturdy and can handle the weight of thousands of shoppers. When developers use AAC products for the construction of markets and malls, they make an intelligent choice. AAC is strong, fire and earthquake resistant, lightweight, time-saving and highly resistant to water penetration.

Factory and Warehouse

Factory and Warehouse is the place where highly sensitive machines are installed. The place needs to be totally safe and should be such that it can stand any kind of natural disaster like earthquakes or fire. They are mostly used by labor class people, so it must be tough and safe at the same time. It should be fire and pest resistant and earthquake resistant. It needs to be constructed fast, long-lasting, cost-effective and highly resistant to water penetration. Here again, the importance of AAC products is defined.

NXTBloc – Leading Manufacturer of AAC Blocks in India

NXTBloc is a leading AAC blocks manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. NXT Bloc has managed to secure a huge client base due to our strong network of marketing personnel all around the country who are engaged in capturing potential clients by offering them high-quality products and services. Through this article, we get a chance to introduce ourselves to your esteemed organization which uses AAC blocks for its construction projects and would like to be benefited from our exclusive range of AAC Blocks.

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